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The objective of this section (C# Advance) is to familiarize you with the C# advanced level topics. This is for experienced developers with a very good knowledge of C# as a language.

The best way to learn is by doing. Examples contain links to test the code in C# online editor and see the results instantly without writing a single word. You can then edit the code according to your needs and test it again. Most of the topics also contain youtube videos to reduce your learning curve, keep you engaged, give you that extra push where you’re uncertain and help you retain the knowledge. With step-by-step explanations, you’ll master C# (CSharp) in no time.

What’s Inside
– Detailed Explanation of Topics
– Images
– Code Examples
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C# Anonymous Type
C# Advanced

C# Anonymous Type

C# anonymous type is a class with no name, meaning nameless class. Behind the scenes, C# compiler automatically generates its own unique type name with a class definition at compile-time based on the properties provided in the curly braces ({ }). This simple type is declared on the fly to...

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